Sports"Ass pain." Ronaldo even hated his partners in...

“Ass pain.” Ronaldo even hated his partners in ‘Manchester’


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Striker “Manchester United” and the Portuguese national team once again put personal interests in front of the team and were not even needed by their colleagues from the English club. He is openly laughed at in England and his Champions League record is now in jeopardy. Maybe it’s time to retire, Cristiano?

Cristiano angers Manchester United manager

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Summer has turned into a nightmare for the legendary striker. Ronaldo missed Manchester United’s pre-season tournaments in Thailand and Australia for personal reasons. The new head coach of England’s Eric ten Hag is currently actively building a new team and was considering what to do with the Portuguese star. Cristiano returned to the squad in a friendly match against Rayo Vallecano at United’s ground, but took off at halftime and left the stadium without saying a word.

Of course, this angered the Dutch specialist. Ten Hag took over a big club but had to train a narcissistic Portuguese instead of doing business. Then the nightmare continued. In the Premier League match, which was already official at the start of the season, ten Hag freed Ronaldo in the starting lineup of the match against Brentford. Everything ended in disaster – “Manchester United” definitely lost to an opponent with a score of 0:4.

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In total, Cristiano has played four matches for his club this season and has not scored a single effective goal there. A terrible result for one of the greatest goalscorers in football history. It became clear that this could not continue. Moreover, Ronaldo is very afraid that Messi will break the Champions League goal record. The Portuguese have 140 goals in this tournament, while the Argentine has 125 goals.

But now, Manchester United will not play in the world’s main club competition this year, as they only finished sixth in the Premier League last season. But PSG’s Messi is quite ready to rip it off, especially as Leo has taken much more than the French championship in the Champions League. And for Ronaldo, personal achievements have always been higher than team achievements. She loves herself very much.

Partners missed her departure

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It is noteworthy that almost everyone, including partners in Manchester United, expected his departure from the team. ESPN journalist Mark Ogden has learned the details of what is going on behind the scenes of the English club. It turned out that many Manchester United players were literally eager for the Portuguese to go somewhere, with some calling him a “ass pain” for the team. It was strange that even Manchester players hated Ronaldo and the media regularly sent Cristiano to one club and then the other over the summer.

According to media reports, Napoli was the most realistic option, but something went wrong there. Someone like Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has frankly stated that he doesn’t need Ronaldo for any money. It’s hard to agree with the German here. Neither in Juventus nor in Manchester, the Portuguese did not own their own team, on the contrary, they spoiled the atmosphere in the teams. Let’s not forget that Cristiano is already 37 years old. Yes, he is in excellent condition from the outside, but in terms of football, it is clear that he is not what he was in his best years.

Arrogance and a complex character, every year, according to sensations, grows stronger. Recently, the Portuguese expressed dissatisfaction with the infrastructure of the Manchester United base. Didn’t like that the pool and sauna hadn’t been renovated since 2009. Cristiano also wanted Harry McGuire and Marks Rashford to play as former United partners Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney. The only problem is that Ronaldo himself is far from being as good as he was back then.

The story ended quite abruptly. Manchester United head coach Erik ten Hag said at a press conference that his squad would not change until the winter transfer window. The expert diplomatically stated that he will need a player like Ronaldo during a long and difficult season, but that’s what coaches usually say about obvious substitutes. It is clear that Portugal no longer needs Manchester. And the record in the Champions League was under threat from Messi.

Source: Ria

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