SportsThe IOC has openly acknowledged Russia's genocide in sport....

The IOC has openly acknowledged Russia’s genocide in sport. Totally insane?


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International Olympic Committee (IOC) Communications Director Mark Adams explained the reasons why Russian athletes have been suspended from participating in international competitions. His arguments are simply shocking.

Adams started with the banal

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Another IOC press conference did not bode well for Russia. It was clear that the lifting of the sanction was out of the question at this time. Yes, some progress is being made in this direction, either Richard McLaren or Johannes Klebo opposed the removal of our country. Many understand that athletes are not to blame for anything, and Russia is a powerful sports power, without which it is no longer so fun and interesting to compete.

However, it is not customary to talk about it in public. Especially when it comes to the most politicized organization called the IOC. Head of communications, Mark Adams, of course began answering questions about Russia. And it confirmed everything we mentioned above.

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“The IOC Executive Board is constantly monitoring the situation in Ukraine. The committee has already adopted sanctions and protective measures, they remain in force. The sanctions are that there should be no Russian flags, colors and symbols in international competitions, international federations should not regulate. Adams said that the first day of the IOC Executive Board meeting “Competitions in Russia, all this remains in place,” he said at a press conference afterwards.

And then the IOC confessed everything

Objectively speaking, Adams could not even talk about the return of flags and symbols. There is no hope for this in the near future. By the way, the President of the Russian Biathlon Union, Viktor Maigurov, spoke about this in an interview with RIA Novosti. The organization sent a letter to the International Biathlon Union in which they wrote why the Russians should be sent back to the World Cup. At the same time, Maygurov emphasized that our men are ready to perform without a flag and an anthem. This is not a priority right now. The most important thing is to save the careers of athletes and not get lost in development.

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Let’s go back to the IOC and Mark Adams. He did not end his speech with words about the continuation of sanctions against Russia, but continued to explain on what basis it was initially agreed. And these explanations make your hair stand on end. Decide for yourself and pay particular attention to the last sentence.

“When the governments of various countries started to intervene in the responsibility area of ​​sports federations about who can participate in the competitions, protective measures were taken. This threatened the integrity of sports competitions. We took protective measures to prevent the politicization of the tournaments. Because we are currently carrying out our humanitarian mission to unite the sports world and protect this mission in the future. “We had to advise athletes not to participate just because of their nationality,” he said.

There cannot be two opinions here. The IOC has openly acknowledged Russia’s genocide in sport. Are they completely crazy? There is no other way to interpret Adams’ words. He made it clear that athletes were suspended because of their nationality, thus violating all the foundations of the Olympic Charter and all the values ​​of the Olympic movement in general. The question arises whether Adams did this on purpose or out of his mouth without thinking. Although in no case does it change the essence of the matter.

Obviously, the IOC is following political directives. There was no illusion about it before, and now Adams has officially confirmed it. It will be very interesting to listen to the organization’s statements when the conflict is over and it is time to return Russia to world sport.

Source: Ria

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