Post: Mikhail Kerzhakov: Media football will not be more popular than professional football

Mikhail Kerzhakov said that media football will not be more popular than professional football

st. PETERSBURG, 11 September – RIA Novosti, Dmitry Edigarev. Petersburg Zenit goalkeeper Mikhail Kerzhakov told reporters that media football cannot surpass professional competitions in popularity.

Previously, the head coach of the Russian national team, Valery Karpin, did not exclude that the national team could play a friendly match with the Medialiga team. Kerzhakov joined the expanded Russian national team for the September training camp.

“If we talk about a possible match between the Russian national team and the Medialeague team, there is nothing negative. It does not matter with whom I will play. I have a normal attitude towards media football, but it will not be more popular than professional football,” Kerzhakov told reporters.

The Russian Football Association announced on Wednesday that the Russian team will play against the Kyrgyz team in Bishkek on September 24 and against the Iranians in November. Also in November, St. The Russians in St. Petersburg will meet with the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: Ria

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