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Post: Morozov: We support the principle of “sports outside politics” as reflected in the IOC charter


Deputy Minister Morozov: We support the principle of “sports outside politics” as reflected in the IOC charter

NOVOGORSK (Moscow region), September 12 – RIA Novosti, Andrey Simonenko. Deputy Minister of Sports Alexei Morozov said that the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) principle of “sport is outside politics” is encouraged at all venues and in negotiations with partners.

Earlier, IOC Director of Communications Mark Adams said that all the committee’s protective measures and sanctions against Russians continue to work.

“In all venues, in all negotiations with partners, we promote the principle of ‘sports outside of politics’ as reflected in the IOC charter. We must use and promote this humanitarian channel widely. And we ask our partners to spread this principle, Morozov said at the board meeting of the Ministry of Sport.

“Since the beginning of 2022, we have held more than 20 bilateral meetings with representatives of the CIS countries, the Asia-Pacific region, the Persian Gulf countries, Africa. More than 500 events are planned within the scope of the Russian year. -Chinese cooperation. The hardest question is in China. “We have found solutions for our athletes. We are confident that the upcoming winter events will be the most important event of the sports season.” Additional.

At the end of February, the IOC recommended that international sports federations not allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete due to the situation in Ukraine. A number of international federations have excluded Russians and Belarusians from competitions under their auspices, and have also canceled competitions in Russia.

Source: Ria

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