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Novartis drug relieves symptoms of purulent hidradenitis


Novartis said two late-stage trials showed its anti-inflammatory drug Cosentix relieved symptoms of a painful, pitted skin condition, putting the approved treatment for the disease on track for the Swiss drugmaker’s sales growth.

The company said in a statement on Saturday that the drug, which is already approved for conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis, showed rapid and sustained improvement in patients in two studies suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa. The painful skin condition, which has few treatments, affects about 1% of people but is difficult to diagnose, the company says.

In addition to Entresto, a heart failure drug, Cosentix is ​​among the top drivers of Novartis’ revenue growth, with product sales up 9% to $1.28 billion in the March-June quarter.

Novartis said the results of the third phase of the two trials have been submitted to European authorities and will also be submitted to the relevant regulatory authorities in the United States to obtain approval for the drug’s use in the treatment of the disease. He added that data from long-term follow-up studies will be published next year.

Source: EuroNews



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