TechnologyRussian invasion of Ukraine: 2 dead, fire breaks out...

Russian invasion of Ukraine: 2 dead, fire breaks out in bombing of Zaporozhye region.


Speaking to European leaders, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine must not win the war to avoid Russian tanks in Warsaw and Prague.

Russian pressure

Russia is calling for a secret rather than open vote as the 193-member United Nations General Assembly next week considers whether to condemn Moscow’s decision to annex four partially occupied regions of Ukraine after holding a referendum there.

Ukraine and its allies condemned the vote in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye as illegal and forced. Any resolution prepared by the West and passed by the UN General Assembly would condemn Russia’s “allegedly illegal referendums” and “attempted illegal annexation” of the regions where the vote took place.

“This is a political and provocative event clearly intended to deepen divisions in the General Assembly…” Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia wrote in a letter to UN member states seen by Reuters.

He said the secret vote was necessary because pressure from the West meant it would be “very difficult to express positions publicly”.

Diplomats said the General Assembly would likely have to vote publicly in a secret ballot.

The latest developments in the Russian invasion of Ukraine…


After Moscow summons French ambassador, Macron responds: Europe will send more military equipment to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that European countries would send more military equipment to Ukraine against Russia, including more French Caesar howitzers.

“We are already studying several requests with many EU members, including requests for new Caesar weapons,” Macron said.


Moscow summons French ambassador to Paris on arms supply to Ukraine (Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


Ukraine’s Zaporozhye Station “of course” despite the Moscow takeover (Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency)

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, said on Thursday that Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant, Zaporozhye, “definitely” belongs to Ukraine, despite its official purchase by Moscow, repeating a warning about the risk of a nuclear explosion. accident. .

“For us, of course, it belongs to (Ukrainian operating company) Energoatum, as long as it is a Ukrainian facility,” Grossi told a news conference after welcoming President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv and before leaving for Moscow.

“We keep saying what needs to be done, which is to avoid a nuclear accident at the plant, which remains a very clear possibility,” he added, condemning the “unsustainable conditions” in which Ukrainian teams worked at the plant.

Grossi added that “we are an international organization operating under international law and, as you know, annexations are not acceptable under international law”, explaining that he was concerned about the “operational implications” of the annexation process.


Zelensky: Ukraine must win the war to stop Russian tanks from entering Warsaw and Prague


Russian dissident Vladimir Kara and Raza convicted of high treason


Russian army’s mounting losses in Ukraine infuriate Moscow’s elite

The setbacks and defeats inflicted by Russian forces in Ukraine provoked growing outrage among the Russian elite, who, while still supporting the “military operation”, went so far as to suggest that military leaders should form death squads.

Before the series of military setbacks on the battlefield in September, public criticism of the Russian military was still rare.

The invasion was presented to the Russian people as a purely patriotic task and it treated badly anyone who could imprison it for too long.

Today, no one in the elite questions Moscow’s decision to invade a neighboring country, but military failures and problems with the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists have led public figures known for their calm to attack army leaders.

On Wednesday, the head of the House Defense Committee said the military must “stop lying”, with daily briefings claiming heavy casualties among Ukrainian forces over Russia’s withdrawal.

“People know that our people are not stupid,” warned former general Andrei Kartapolov.

“People realize that we don’t want to tell even part of the truth. This can lead to a loss of credibility,” he said in an online program hosted by star Vladimir Solovyov, an extremist patriot.

death penalty

Solovyov, who was under European sanctions, said high-ranking army officers deserved to be executed.

“Criminals must be punished and unfortunately we don’t have the death penalty, but for some of them it is the only way out,” he added.

“They don’t even have the respect of the police because they don’t kill themselves,” he said.

1:56 pm

Sweden’s security service said on Thursday that an investigation into damage to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines had raised suspicions of “mass sabotage”, including explosions.

Officials in Sweden and Denmark are investigating four leaks from a network of pipes in the two countries’ exclusive economic zones on the Baltic Sea since they were discovered last week.

Europe is investigating the cause of the damage while Moscow tries to blame the West, pointing out that the United States is the beneficiary of the damage to both lines.

Washington denies any involvement in this matter. There is a crisis between Russia and European countries over gas supplies that have been suspended or suspended after the conflict in Ukraine.

“After completing the crime scene investigation, the Swedish Security Service can conclude that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 explosions took place in the Swedish Economic Zone,” the Swedish Security Service said in a statement.

On Thursday, Russia said it had been told through diplomatic channels that it could not participate in the investigation.

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Moscow would insist on an “open and thorough investigation” involving Russian officials and Gazprom.

“Not allowing the company that owns it to participate in the investigation means there is something to hide from it,” he added.

1:41 pm

Foreign Ministry: Russia ‘fully committed’ to avoiding nuclear war

Russia said on Thursday it remained “fully committed” to the principle of never allowing nuclear war as Ukraine fears a potentially dangerous escalation in the seven-month conflict.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on Thursday that Moscow’s position that it should never engage in nuclear war has not changed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously said he is “not lying” about his willingness to use nuclear weapons to defend his country’s territorial integrity.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova
1:25 pm

Norway is trying to increase its defense budget amid Ukraine war

Norway on Thursday proposed a 9.8% increase to its 2023 defense budget to boost its far north intelligence capabilities and ammunition stockpiles amid the war in Ukraine.

The center-left government has proposed 75.8 billion crowns (7.3 billion euros) for its army in its draft 2023 budget, an increase of 6.8 billion crowns from this year.

“Russia’s attack on Ukraine threatens the security of Norway and Europe,” Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gramm said in a statement. “War has significant security, economic and humanitarian consequences,” he added.

The Nordic member of NATO, which shares a 198km border with Russia in the Arctic, plans to strengthen its military intelligence services, increase its ammunition stockpile and bolster national security.

Part of the money will go towards buying a replacement for the equipment sent to Ukraine and making additional donations to it in 2023. Oslo has supplied Kyiv with 22 howitzers, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft missiles, light and even small armored vehicles. individual teams.

As the government does not have a majority in parliament, it will need the support of other parties to pass the draft budget, which can therefore be modified.

1:02 pm

Ukraine regains 400 square kilometers south of Kherson region in less than a week (Army)

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Source: EuroNews

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