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Post: UN study: AI is not job killer


Will artificial intelligence make some jobs redundant in the future? A UN study puts concerns into perspective. However, major changes are expected in one area.

According to a UN study, artificial intelligence (AI) will change the quality of work rather than kill it. A scientific study published Monday in Geneva by the International Labor Organization concludes that productive artificial intelligence like ChatGPT will expand and partially automate activities.

This also has implications for the intensity and autonomy of human work. A dialogue between social partners and legislation is therefore necessary so that only a few well-prepared countries and groups benefit from new technology.

The biggest changes in office work

The study by the UN agency awaits the biggest changes with the use of artificial intelligence in the field of office work. Certain groups, such as managers, specialist professionals, and technicians, are thought to be less exposed.

According to the article, a larger proportion of jobs in industrialized countries are likely to be affected by automation processes than in low-income countries. Developing countries can reap substantial benefits from technological change, provided the right policies are in place.

Automation, especially in jobs where women work

According to the report, women are twice as likely as men to work in areas that are expected to be automated. As poor countries have developed economically, office work has traditionally played an important role in female employment.

But productive AI can ensure that certain office jobs are never created in such countries.

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