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Post: Will free internet die soon?


Media scientist Martin Andree says the free Internet won’t last long. In his ZDFheute interview, he explains why he sees Big Tech as a danger to democracy.

ZDF today: Mr. Andree, you have been criticizing for a long time that technology giants such as Google and Facebook have monopoly on the Internet and pose a great threat. How do you get this view?

Martin Andrew: If you look at how the traffic on the network is distributed, you can immediately see: The network is in the hands of a handful of companies, the rest have almost nothing. It is particularly problematic if each of the best offers monopolize an entire market: the Google market for search engines, the YouTube free video-on-demand market, the online television market so to speak, Facebook and Instagram for social media, etc.

Fair competition has completely disappeared in these huge markets of our digital future.

Martin Andrew

Source: ZDF

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