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Post: Is our children’s education at risk?



teacher shortage

Especially the shortage of teachers is perceived as the biggest problem among the public. Teacher shortages are also an ongoing problem in Bremen. In the Hanseatic city, the focus is now on changing careers and even bringing teachers back from retirement.

With guest speaker: Johannes Bauer, education researcher, University of Erfurt

recycled water

In some parts of Switzerland the water is getting scarce. The consequences of climate change also leave their mark on Europe’s moat stronghold. A researcher in Zurich is therefore looking for ways to recycle and reuse water sensibly.

New Zealand: climate-neutral sheep

New Zealand aims to be carbon neutral by 2050. The problem: several million cows and sheep emitting climate-damaging methane gas. How do you make sheep and cows burp less? Now let science help.

Evolution of the flower world – phytoacoustics

To attract pollinators, flowering plants often use their intriguing scent and bright colors. But as science has just discovered, plants have a few more tricks to communicate with their pollinators. In Israel, phytoacoustic expert Lilach Hadany uses cutting-edge technology to study flowers and discover an unexpected superpower: their ability to recognize sounds.

Moderator: Yve Fehring

Source: ZDF

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