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Post: China bans authorities from using iPhones


It’s not just the West that is skeptical of devices from China. The People’s Republic also has data protection concerns regarding Western technology. It seems that China is now suffering the consequences.

According to a newspaper report, China has banned state officials from using foreign smartphones in the office due to ongoing tensions with the West. Employees of some officials are no longer allowed to bring Apple iPhones and certain devices from other manufacturers to the workplace, the Wall Street Journal wrote, based on insider information.

China wants to be more independent

However, it is unclear how many employees received this order and which vendors were affected besides Apple. Chinese officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

The People’s Republic has passed some new laws in recent years due to data protection concerns. It also called on domestic firms to reduce their dependence on foreign technologies. Previously, Western countries, especially the USA, restricted the export of some high-tech goods to China in order to slow down the country’s technological and military progress.

Western bans on Chinese devices and software

At the same time, Western countries banned the products of some Chinese companies due to the possibility of Beijing government spying. The most well-known example of this is TikTok. Government employees are not allowed to use the short video app on their business mobile phones. It is even completely banned in some countries.

Huawei also made headlines. For example, Germany subjects its telecom supplier’s components to security checks. At the end of the day, telecom companies may have to dismantle parts that are already installed.

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