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Post: Lots of fake emergency calls with “Nora”


Perpetrators are misusing a government-funded emergency call app on a massive scale and directing fire and police onto their victims. ZDFheute spoke to one victim who was shaken.

In May, Marco B left. (Name changed by editors) Come on. “All of a sudden, a squadron of police officers with guns drawn appeared in my living room,” he recalls. Someone reported an armed hostage taking at their address using the emergency call app “Nora.”

This was just the beginning. Other operations followed every three to five weeks: The fire department regularly rushed to the scene with flashing lights because they allegedly smelled gas in the basement and there was not even a gas connection in the house. Marco B. has a concrete suspicion as to who the perpetrator might be and suspects the motive is revenge. However, the police investigation continues.

These arbitrary tasks really affect us. We feel like we are at the mercy of the app.

Victim of fake emergency calls: Marco B.

Emergency call abuse increases with Nora

The operations in Biebergemünd are not isolated cases. Perpetrators are increasingly using the Nora app for so-called flailing: They fake an emergency and send overloaded emergency services and police to their unsuspecting victims.

Source: ZDF

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