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Post: Andrew Garfield takes a break: “Just be yourself for a bit”


Fresh from a season of great success and accolades, between “Spider-Man No Way Home” and “tick, tick… boom!”, Andrew Garfield feels like he needs a break… to get a better start.

Most Fans Andrew Garfield and Spider-Man rejoiced at his appearance in Spiderman No Way Home, received, but also confirmation that the actor had a spectacular last season, not only thanks to this participation. However, at 38, Garfield admitted to People magazine that it was time take a moment to rest. Just a pause, not a goodbye… as he explains, when you can afford it, you need to stop to catch your breath and take your mind off the entertainment world for a bit.

Andrew Garfield, game break to ‘be a bit of a real person’

He wowed fans by reappearing in character Peter Parker in Spiderman No Way Homewas Oscar nominee such as the best lead actor behind tick, tick… boom!series protagonist Under the Banner of Heaven not yet published in Italy, he was alongside Jessica Chastain in Tammy Faye’s eyes: pretty good season for Andrew Garfieldwho, however, perhaps for this reason, explained to the weekly “People” that he wants to take a minute break …

I’m actually very happy, excited to keep me calmnessstop to take me out time for me. I feel like it’s very important now, especially after all these things, this revelation, all this energy that I gave to something that I really care about. But now I must recharge. […]

I really admire all those who resist the temptation to never stop. Which they manage to follow their own pace. […] I’m aiming for it. […] I want to make sure I do what I feel authenticauthentic to me and it will probably create a deep connection with the public. […]

I hope on vacation. Now even flying by plane seems too much for me. I want to lie down, just think or even not think about anything, look at someone else’s work … listen to music, go out with friends, eat hamburgers … how to say, just be human.

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