Post: The Nun 2: The Devil Nun will return with director La Llorona

After The Nun’s spectacular and unpredictable success, plans for a spin-off are under way and New Line has just hired Michael Chavez to direct.

Perhaps it was the setting, the intimidating appearance of the character, but Nun – the calling of evil, as we all know, it was an unexpected and resounding horror hit at the box office, even though the story was virtually non-existent. Worldwide film director Corin Hardy well cashed $365 millionso much so that the New Line has already taken up the sequel and chose the director Michael Chavez take it to the cinema.

The Nun 2: what do we know about the sequel

In the meantime, let’s remember who he is Michael Chavezchosen to continue the sequel nunspin-off of the horror universe spellmore precisely The Conjuring 2 – The Enfield Case. On account of the director another genre film, La Llorona – Tears of Evilbased on a character from Latin American folklore, but reveal it to the eye James Wanfilm producer, was a 2016 short film housemaidn, who has received many awards and who you can watch it for free on youtube.

In fact, Chavez is no stranger to the world of the evil nun Valak, having worked on the film as a director of additional shots. Scenario nun 2 it should be Akela Cooperscreenwriter Malignant from James Wan. We do not yet know anything about the development of history, except that Bonnie Aaronsof course, she will return to play the main character.

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