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Love Anais, between ease and passion for life


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Two women with very different ages and very different lives, united by a meeting that will turn their lives upside down. Meeting with Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, one of the main characters of Charlene Bourgeois-Taque’s novel “The Love of Anais”, in the Officine UBU hall from April 28.

Two seemingly opposite women, two different ages and two approaches to life and love. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi And Anais Demoustier are great heroes Love Anaisamong the surprises of the Semaine de la Critique of the last Cannes Film Festival, will be released April 28th for Officine UBU. Opera before Charlene Bourgeois-Taquet (actress b. L’Avenir – Future Events) is the story of an unexpected meeting between a restless and always in a hurry thirty-year-old woman and a respectable fifty-year-old writer.

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Anais (Anais Demoustier) he is unemployed, living day after day in an apartment he cannot afford. Her life is so hectic that she often forgets that she has a boyfriend. However, one day Anais meets Daniel (Denis Podalydes), a publisher who immediately falls in love with her. But Daniel lives with Emily (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), a charming writer who seemingly inexplicably gets Anais’ attention. Their paths intersect at chance, and this encounter gives Anais a feeling she’s never experienced before..

“I’m always interested in directors and female directors, not the script and the character,” she said. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi film presentation in Rome. “I am interested in their vision of the world, it should amaze me. Shortly speaking Charlene Bourgeois-Take I have already seen powerful music a la Romer. In choosing the role, the meeting with the director in the bar and a joyful conversation about cinema and life also play a role. In this case, he offered me a new character. In the film, they are all intellectuals, as is the director. These are people who speak, who use words to act. Even young women read, write, discuss. It’s more of an age difference that creates a distance in the bourgeois world he narrates. Anais has the energy and restlessness of youth that makes her run. Emilia, my heroine, has a different age, which gives her serenity, a special calm lightness. There is a strange balance between them. Playing it also gave me a lot of hope that when I get older I can move on to something else, something more free, instead of going down.. Anais seems to me the most imprisoned.”

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There Bruni Tedeschiexpected soon in competition at the Cannes Film Festival with his new film as director, Forest of Amandier, talks about how a woman of another generation feels. At least for his love of paper. “I like to read, but not on the screen. As director I have a great love for books, a passion for writing and writing. Even as an author, I am more inspired by literature than cinema, this is my first refuge since I was little.. As an actress, and indeed as a person, we all need to feel loved. For me, beauty is something spiritual, it is connected with the energy that I give and receive, in which the body is mixed with something pleasant that arises from the sight of a person. The film made me catch a glimpse of the opportunity to see aging in a fun way: as more freedom rather than a burden.. I try to live like this, and surgery definitely goes against that idea. I feel vital if I don’t look in the mirror, I feel like I’m twenty. What I do is look less in the mirror. I just feel what I am, not what I feel.”

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