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Post: Special Agents Cip & Ciop Italian trailer with the voices of Raul Bova and Giampaolo Morelli


Raul Bova, Giampaolo Morelli and Francesca Cillemi are voicing Cip & Ciop Agenti Speciali, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a multimedia-style film that will release on Disney+ in May. Here is the Italian trailer!

Cip & Ciop Special Agentsa film reimagining the legendary animated series in a “meta” way will be released Disney + May 20, with votes Raoul Bova, Giampaolo Morelli And Francesca Chillemi (as Shaggia): We can show you italian trailer of this new Disney effort, which this time chooses not to re-propose the classic as it was, but clashes with the beloved brand from the shore, with a parody intent that echoes who framed Roger Rabbit.

Cip & Ciop Agenti Speciali, the plot of a new multimedia film

Movie background Cip & Ciop Special Agents what are two squirrels really actorsformer heroes of the same name animated series and with normal voices when not on stage. Decades later, Sip (voice Raoul Bova) left show business, stayed in 2D and makes a living as an insurer in a world where people and cartoons coexist. Dale (voice Giampaolo Morelli) “facelift” computer graphics and lives on income thanks to nostalgic conventions. But someone makes famous cartoon characters disappear… and maybe a real reunion is on the horizon, a real adventure to get back together to solve the real case!
Cip & Dale’s Special Agents is being directed by Akiva Shaffer, who is already active on Saturday Night Live and is also involved in the cast. J.K. Simmons And Will Arnettas well as Seth Rogen, in an insane performance capture. The famous model is Who Framed Roger RabbitA: It’s hard to reach these peaks, but at least the recovery operation seems different than usual.

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