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Post: Avatar: Path of Water is the name of Avatar 2, from which we will tell you about the first images.


The brand new title for Avatar 2 is Avatar: The Path of Water. While we’re waiting for the first trailer on May 6th, here’s some footage from the movie that viewers saw at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

CinemaCon in Las Vegas really was a harbinger of big news. Among them is the title Avatar 2 from James Cameronwhich from now on will be Avatar: Path of Water.

But the story doesn’t stop there, as Disney, which inherited the franchise from 20th Century Fox in 2019, showed footage from the film during a mega convention in the US gambling capital. Attention, this is not the first teaser or trailer, so you will have to wait until May 6th. On this day the audience Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness just before the comic book Sam Raimi with Benedict Cumberbatch. And then go to the cinema.

First images of Avatar: Path of Water

We weren’t at CinemaCon, but thanks to Variety we can tell you what those in attendance saw. Participants were given 3D glasses to watch a wonderful show with a few lines of dialogue. They were able to admire the diverse landscapes of the planet Pandora, with its blue seas and lakes. They then saw the Na’vi tribe interacting with various types of animals, namely whale-like and pelican-like creatures. Since the film was in 3D, the audience really had the impression that the latter were flying off the screen. They also appeared Jake, Neytiri and their children, Jake she said to her lover, “All I know is that this family is our refuge.”

Finally, a video message from James Cameronwho is currently based in New Zealand and is putting the finishing touches on Avatar: Path of Water. The director said the film was designed (and filmed) to be viewed in 3D on the big screen and to test the limits of cinematic art.

In addition to from Sam Worthington And Zoe Saldana, Avatar 2 also interpreted Giovanni Ribisi, Sigourney Weaver, CCH Pounder, Stephen Lang, Kate Winslet, VIN diesel, Michelle Yeoh, Edie Falco, Jemaine Clement. The release date is December 16, 2022. Avatar 3 will arrive on December 20, 2024, Avatar 4 December 18, 2026 e Avatar 5 December 22, 2028

Remember that during a pandemic Avatar returned to theaters, earning the title of the highest grossing film in history (2 billion 802 million dollars).

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