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Post: The Watcher: trailer for thriller starring Maika Monroe


The It Follows lead actress plays the role of a young woman who feels increasingly stalked by a mysterious stalker who is constantly watching her. Presented at Sundance and SXSW, Watcher will debut in US theaters in June.

According to many of those who have already had the opportunity to see him in the United States, where he was presented as Sundance what all South by southwest, Observerthriller which we present below original trailerrenews modern feminist examples of the film genre based on paranoia and anguish, typical of cinema in the late sixties and early seventies, in which the main characters were trapped in increasingly risky situations: from Mia Farrow Rosemary’s baby Jane Fonda from Calling Inspector Klute. Not forgetting the important touches of Hitchcock’s voyeurism Window to the courtyard and later dirtier interpretations by Brian De Palma, for example in Murder at a red light.
AT Observerdirector’s first job Chloe Okunoformer author of an anthology excerpt entitled “Downpour” V/H/S/94as well as the screenwriter of this first feature, along with Zack Fordthe protagonist Mike Monroesame as beautiful Should.
Here she plays Julie, a young woman who has just moved to Bucharest with her Romanian husband, and who, often alone in her new apartment with large windows, begins to feel that she is being watched by a mysterious figure in the building opposite, and then as being constantly pursued by someone, even when he is on the street or in a movie theater. All the while, a serial killer known as “Spider” has been killing young women all over the city.
Observer it will debut in the United States on June 3 in theaters and on VOD on the 21st of the same month. Where are you movie trailer.

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