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Post: Happy birthday, Ann-Margret! We pay tribute to this Hollywood icon with 5 streaming movies


The Flesh Knowledge and Cincinnati Kid star turns 81 today. here are his top streaming hits.

He is a Broadway legend. He is one of the greatest sex symbols in the history of modern cinema. IS AN Ann Margret. The star, who turns 81 today, has enjoyed success both on stage and on the big screen, garnering audience and critic applause since the 1960s and touching the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress thanks to carnal knowledge from Mike Nichols (unfortunately not available on any platform). OUR streaming movies chosen to pay tribute to this icon, they can only hint at the greatness and versatility of Ann-Margret: we hope this will be enough to encourage you to revisit some of her unforgettable performances. Enjoy reading.

Five streaming movies starring Ann-Margret

  • Cincinnati Kid
  • Tiger
  • Two irresistible grunts
  • I hate you, I leave you, you…
  • Unexpected suspicions

Cincinnati Kid (1966)

The film, which confirms Ann-Margret’s status as a Hollywood star, is a tense psychological drama. Steve McQueen. Under the guidance of a talented director, he was Norman Jewison (Enchanted by the moon, Hot Night of Inspector Tibbs), Cincinnati Kid uses poker to talk about the self-destructive and visionary personality of that period. In the spirit of such a masterpiece as Lo spaccone. With big Edward G. Robinson as an antagonist. Available on KILOGRAMS.

Tiger (1967)

Excursion around the native land for the director’s actress Dino Risi in one of his most caustic films, capable of ridiculing the ridiculous machismo of the Italian. The theatrical and significant protagonist could only be great and never forgotten Vittorio Gassmancapable of an unparalleled range of comic tones. Tiger entertaining, definitely leaves a bad taste in the mouth and very often makes you laugh through your teeth. In short, the best of the Italian comedy season… Available at Infinity +, Amazon Prime Video.

Two Irresistible Grunts (1993)

Having played with many of the greatest actors in the history of American cinema, Ann-Margret takes on the greatest comic couple, namely Jack Lemmon And Walter Matthau. Two irresistible grunts it is based almost exclusively on the duo’s impeccable alchemy and on the stage presence of the actress, the object of the two rivals’ loving attentions. An old-fashioned comedy that is a huge hit with viewers and shows how great comedy can be made at any age. Available on Rakuten TVKILO, Google games, Apple iTunesAmazon Prime Video.

I hate you, I’m leaving you, you… (2006)

Short, but it means starring in a director’s romantic comedy Peyton Reed which sees very close-knit protagonists Jennifer Aniston And Vince Vaughn. I hate you, I leave you, you…talks about a couple who break out and fake a breakup in a sincere and quite profound way. Beautiful portrayal of the characters, an accurate representation of the shortcomings of both main characters. And for once without a happy ending (sorry for the spoiler…). Great success with the public. Available on Rakuten TV, CHILI, Google Play, Apple iTunes, TEAMVisionAmazon Prime Video.

Unexpected Suspects (2017)

In Ann-Margret’s latest film to date, her star is shown along with three other sacred monsters such as Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman And Alan Arkin. directs Zach Braff in an updated remake of the director’s classic Martin Brest with Art Carney And Lee Strasberg. Unexpected suspicions is a gentle and well-organized heist comedy, with very sweet moments and downright melancholy moments. Also in the cast Matt Dillon. See in carelessness. Available on Rakuten TV, CHILI, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video.

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