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BARDO, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s new film will be from Netflix


The Mexican director’s long-awaited new work, Birdman and the Survivor, hits theaters and streams on Netflix later this year. So you can bet a penny that we’ll see it at the 2022 Venice Film Festival.

It will be branded Netflix in new film by five-time Academy Award winner Alejandro González Iñárrituwhich is called BARDO, The False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths.
Colossus streaming announced the acquisition of this long-awaited new film from the Mexican director survivor And Birdman, which is currently in post-production, is expected to end production in the fall. At the moment, it is likely the presence of the film in the program Venice Film Festival 2022.
BARDO is the first feature film Iñárritu since 2015, year survivorand his first shot to Mexico after Amores Perrosthe film that introduced him to the world as one of the greatest talents of modern cinema.
Shot in 65mm and features a stunning photo of the Oscar nominee. Darius Khonji (Amour, Se7en), BARDO will hit theaters around the world later this year before debuting on Netflix.
Written Iñárritu And Nicholas Giacobone (who previously worked on the Oscar-winning screenplay Birdman, or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance and that of beautiful), BARDO, The False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths is a nostalgic comedy set during an epic personal journey. It tells the story of a renowned Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker who returns home and navigates an existential crisis as he struggles with his identity, family relationships, the madness of his memories, and his country’s past. Look for answers in his past to reconcile the answers in the present.

“Alejandro is one of the greatest contemporary directors and one of the leading visionaries in our industry,” he said. Scott Stuber, Head of Global Netflix Film. “BARDO it is a cinematic experience that inspired us to create a distribution strategy to ensure that the film reaches the culture in the widest and widest possible way. We will give film lovers around the world the opportunity to see the film through global distribution in theaters and on Netflix. Having known Alejandro for a long time, I am personally very excited to finally be able to work with him and bring his film to a global audience.”
BARDO plays Daniel Jimenez Cacho And Griselda Siciliani. Except Khonjithe director will collaborate with established professionals such as the Oscar-winning Mexican designer Eugenio Caballero (ROME, Pan’s Labyrinth) and costume designer Anna Terrazas (Deuce, ROME). The deeply personal film was filmed in Mexico City, Iñárritu’s hometown.
In 2014, Iñárritu received an Oscar for Best Film, Director and Screenplay. Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance and a second Oscar for directing a year later for survivor, with Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio. His other titles include the award-winning beautiful (2010) Babylon (2006) 21 grams (2003) and Amores Perros (2001). In 2018 Iñárritu received the Academy Award for Special Achievement for his virtual reality installation. Carne and Arena.

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