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Post: Kherson district officials announced mercenaries near the district borders


Stele of the city of Kherson. Archive photo

Stremousov, deputy head of the administration of the Kherson region, said about the mercenaries near the borders of the region:

SIMFEROPOL, September 16 – RIA Novosti. Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the regional administration, told RIA Novosti that the Ukrainian troops concentrated in the Kherson direction consisted of a large number of mercenaries.

“There are many foreign mercenaries in the ranks of the Ukrainian troops concentrated in the Kherson direction. There is a lot of evidence of the existence of mercenaries who speak English and other foreign languages,” Stremousov said. said.

According to him, in Ukraine today, the “fourth Reich is really put together”, consisting of a group of Nazis and mercenaries, as well as people forced into the army, which, like artillery shells, are used as human shields.

“The Kyiv regime is using the full potential of NATO today. These are actually invaders,” Stremousov said.

During a special operation to navy and demilitarize Ukraine, the Russian army took control of the entire Kherson region, occupying the Azov part of the Zaporozhye region and major cities such as Kherson, Melitopol and Berdyansk, cutting off Ukraine from the Sea. Azov. New administrations are formed in the regions, Russian TV channels and radio stations are broadcasting, trade and transport links with Crimea are being re-established. The regions have announced their plans to become part of Russia.

Source: Ria

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