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Post: Laila Faridun stands out for “digital transformations”


Hana Al Hamad (Abu Dhabi)

Laila Faridoon is an influential Emirati-based leader, speaker and writer specializing in corporate and digital consulting, with 20 years of experience in innovation, project management and organization, combining leadership and technology skills, seeking to create positive change and using science and technology. for good . . Of humanity. He specializes in “digital transformation” and institutional consulting and holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Sharjah.
Laila Faridoon is currently working on a PhD in ‘Digital Transformation’ at Treasure College London on Big Data and its impact on institutional performance, and her research has been published and presented at scientific conferences and journals, in addition to her contributions. Many international books.

About his area of ​​expertise he says: The world is witnessing a digital revolution in many fields, called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and has fundamentally changed the way we live, work and interact with it. What sets this revolution apart is that the scale, scope and complexity of the transformation is different from what humanity has experienced before as it hits most areas with emerging technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. , robotics, internet of things, autonomous driving. cars. .

future challenges
Faridun added: Today’s governments are struggling to strengthen their position on the global map in “digital transformation” to face the challenges of the future, especially after the “Corona” pandemic, and adapt the technologies and tools provided by the fourth industry. A revolution to serve society and achieve the happiness and prosperity of its members, thus achieving a competitive economy based on knowledge and innovation and future technological applications that integrate physics, digital and biotechnology.
He says: There are many challenges and shortage of specialized human resources in the area of ​​big data management, which is the main driver of the digital revolution, and here the “digital transformation” needs a fundamental change in the internal environment, the administrative models. and management style. Traditional administrative models are no longer useful in the age of the digital economy, but they are a major obstacle to “digital transformation”.

academic files
In the stage of scientific studies, Laila Faridoon managed to achieve many achievements of which she is proud, as she obtained the Rashid Certificate of Scientific Excellence and was the first of the batch of Bachelor in Computer Science. He received a master’s degree with distinction in computer science and has a scientific invention of “mathematical algorithms”, which he used to develop an administrative system to improve the quality of service, and many scientific studies in the area of ​​project management and “digital” . Transformation”, presented numerous scientific articles in several international congresses, in addition to several conferences in the area of ​​big data and “digital transformation”, he is currently an assistant professor at King’s College London.

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Medal of Honor
In recognition of her various efforts and volunteering, Laila Faridoun was chosen as a “Goodwill Ambassador” in 2019 by the Organization of Arab States, in recognition of her efforts and volunteer work in the scientific and cultural fields, especially in her own field. . -Development, youth development and support for Arab women’s issues through awareness, support and improvement of leadership skills. Self-development and focus and refinement of women’s leadership skills.
She says: I am proud of this achievement, which I consider a medal on my chest, as it is a tribute to the efforts of the volunteers and a wonderful surprise has arrived, which motivates me to do more and actively participate in various fields for Support, support. youth and women’s issues. .

female empowerment
Laila points out that Emirati women are present in various fields today and the Emirati experience in empowering women and strengthening their presence is seen as an honorable Arab model that can be imitated by Arab and foreign countries. She says: “With my contribution and participation in many international and foreign conferences, we are not talking about women’s rights today, as we lost them a long time ago, but about their achievements, because today they are in leadership positions and roles and are participating in the leadership of the renaissance in the UAE. I am proud of the tireless efforts supported by the Emirati Women’s March that have enabled me to achieve my desired goals and dreams, and that my government and its leaders have been interested in the role of women in building societies from the very beginning. An association based on the opinion of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest in the light. The support continues with the promotion of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “God bless you”. , for the participation of women in leadership in various fields inside and outside the country.

serving humanity
Laila Faridoon has accomplished many things with the wise guidance and support of her family. He says: I have a clear understanding of my primary mission in life and how to use it in the service of humanity, and I have deep faith in my abilities and abilities and how to use them to achieve my various goals.

PhD student Laila Faridoun’s scholarship journey has been new and special, and she doesn’t feel strange because the UAE Embassy and the Ministry of Education’s Cultural Attaché support all scholarship students. She says: The UAE has a great relationship with the UK which has had a huge impact on relieving the stress of alienation and making life easier as the student understands their fears in an uplifting and leading experience.

Source: Al Ittihad

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