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Post: Gagauz MP says wave of protest will grow in Moldova


Protesters in front of the Moldovan President’s administration building in Chisinau demand the release of Shor Party deputy Marina Tauber and an end to the crackdown on the opposition. Archive photo

Gagauz deputy Petrov said that the wave of protests in Moldova will grow even more.

KISINAU, 18 September – RIA Novosti. Deputy of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia, head of the socio-political movement Gagauz People’s Union / “People’s Union of Gagauzia” Viktor Petrov believes that the wave of protests in Moldova will grow, it is associated with the plight of the majority of the population. republic, including residents of Gagauz autonomy.

The opposition party “Shor” held a protest in central Chisinau on Sunday to realize the resignation of President Maia Sandu and early parliamentary elections. Protesters demanded the resignation of Sandu, the government and parliament. According to the organizers, about 45 thousand people took part in the action, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs – 6.5 thousand.

“People in the country are uniting, it’s clear. The protest is directly related to the state of our country: People have nothing to pay for food, clothing, medicine, utilities. Agricultural producers are suffering huge losses, small and medium-sized businesses, Petrov told RIA Novosti. The wave of public anger will only grow bigger.

The MP believes the protests will be larger if leaders of all opposition parties join them. “The unification of all opposition forces will give Moldova a chance to revive. The opposition must and can be united,” Petrov said.

Protests were also held in Gagauzia before. Hundreds of drivers reacted to rising fuel prices. The demonstrators appealed to the country’s authorities with demands to temporarily cancel the consumption rate in gasoline, cancel the amendments to the petroleum products law, as the national market regulator is forced to raise gasoline prices on a daily basis. Protesters pointed to a record 20-year inflation rate of 33.5% year-on-year through July, several times higher tariffs on energy, other goods and services, and a sharp decline in living standards. They noted that if they were not heard, they would organize protests in Chisinau.

Gagauzia is an autonomous regional entity in the south of Moldova. In February 2014, a referendum on autonomy was held on the determination of the vector of the country’s foreign policy. More than 98% of respondents were in favor of Moldova’s integration into the Customs Union, a trade and economic union that then included Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Source: Ria

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