WorldNew rise in fuel prices sparked controversy in Tunisia

New rise in fuel prices sparked controversy in Tunisia


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The Ministerio de Industria, Minas y Energía de Tunez has announced the fourth increase in the price of fuels and canisters of gas to cook in the country this year, which started on Sunday, as part of a program to adjust the prices of products petroleum derivatives. .

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The Tunisian government said the reason for the decision is the continued rise in fuel prices on the global market as a result of Russia’s war with Ukraine, as well as the turmoil in energy markets.

The two ministries said in a statement that “high-quality fuels whose consumption does not exceed 1% of total fuel consumption, such as premium unleaded gasoline” and “premium” sulfur-free gasoline, have been approved for their price adjustments. within 5%.

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The amendment also covers unleaded petrol, sulphur-free diesel and regular petrol with an increase of 70 milliliters per litre.

contradictory opinions

Social networks are in an uproar with the quadrupling of fuel prices by the Tunisian government, and the opinions of Tunisians are divided between those who see this as necessary in the face of the crisis that the world is experiencing and others who see it as unjustified . and charge the citizen.

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In a Facebook post, Mohamed Yousfi sarcastically described the price increase as a “price adjustment” aimed at rationalization, noting that the government did so “out of love and fear of the interests of the Tunisian people”.

Although Khalil Gantara wrote that the increase in fuel prices is a logical issue and Tunisia cannot be excluded because every country in the world is worried about the increase, “I mean, we go to the fields and we sit and watch posterity. . Same point..!”

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines, Naila Al-Kunji, made it clear that the country does not face a fuel supply problem, contrary to what has been promoted recently, pointing out that price turmoil is the cause. With demands from suppliers to receive their payments months in advance due to the global crisis.

El-Kenji added that the dismissal of the Tunisian Oil Company CEO has nothing to do with the problem of high fuel prices.

In particular, Tunisia is raising cooking gas prices for the first time since 2010 as part of a government plan to cut energy subsidies and reduce the growing budget deficit, an economic reform demanded by international creditors.

Since the beginning of 2022, Tunisia has raised fuel prices three times, the first on February 1, the second on March 1 and the third on April 14, and each time the increase has been between 50 and 100 millimeters. .

Tunisia’s economy is facing its worst crisis since the country’s independence in the 1950s, political instability following the 2011 revolution that toppled former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, amid calls for from the government. Economic reforms.

Source: EuroNews

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