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Post: CIA releases a podcast to “hide” its work


CIA Director William Burns. Archive photo

CIA director William Burns recorded a podcast to ‘hide’ his work

WASHINGTON, September 23 – RIA Novosti. US Central Intelligence Agency logged out With an official podcast where Director of Intelligence William Burns admits that he is far from the image of a super spy and is most comfortable driving an ex-Subaru.

Burns described what the secret service did as a goal of going public as “a little demystification” and insisted this was necessary in the face of a lack of trust in government institutions.

The director said that his wife and daughters constantly joked that his life and work did not fit into the glamorous and heroic stereotypes that Hollywood had established. “I feel most comfortable driving our 2013 Subaru Outback while obeying all speed limits,” said Burns, who was a diplomat and head of the embassy in Moscow before his intelligence assignment.

While being a spy doesn’t always sound like a super-spy movie, he said the CIA had no shortage of “courage, professionalism, and resourcefulness.” Among his recent achievements, Burns named the elimination of the leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda * Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan. Burns also said the CIA is recruiting more and more Chinese-speaking experts, often directing more resources to “compete” with the PRC.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia

Source: Ria

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