WorldItaly is at a historic turning point and the...

Italy is at a historic turning point and the far right hopes to lead the country ahead of legislative elections.


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Italy’s far right is hoping for a historic victory in Sunday’s legislative elections, in which Georgia Meloni could become the first woman to lead the country’s unprecedented right-wing government.

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The leaders of the main political parties made all possible efforts to attract voters in their final campaign meetings before the pre-electoral silence that began at 10:00 pm from the viernes and will continue until the ballot box the sunday.

In Naples (in the south), Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Fratelli d’Italia party with fascist roots, which has about 25% of the electorate according to recent polls, said: “I am a patriot. !”

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The middle ones were dominated by their ally, the leader of the anti-immigration “League”, Matteo Salvini, who demanded an “excuse or resign” from the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who claimed that she threatened him in the United States. Thursday. Sanctions against Italy if it violates the democratic principles of the EU.

To predict victory rates in legislative elections, it is possible to rely on the latest published polls, since the two weeks before the elections are suspended.

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Polls show that the “Brothers of Italy” will receive 24 to 25 percent of the voting intentions, the Democratic Party 21 to 23 percent of the voting intentions, and the populist “5 Star Movement” 13 to 15 percent. 12% for League and 8% for Forza. to Italy”.

“I am concerned that the polls show a victory for the right, especially for Georgia Mellon, because I see her government going back at least 50 years because of her statements about the rights of women and youth,” Maria Taska, 27, a university student. A student from Sicily spoke to AFP about video journalists and human rights in general.

In turn, said young businessman Pasquale Bistriquila, originally from Bari (in the south), “I won’t vote tomorrow because today I don’t see people in a position to govern. In the future, if there is a decent person, I will vote for him.”

According to analysts, abstention in this election could exceed 30%, which is a high rate for Italy.

Brussels is remarkable

The European Union is closely following Italy’s legislative elections, particularly amid the delicate handling of sanctions against Moscow, with the possibility of a split between the European Commission and the government if it is Conservative.

Historically, Rome has maintained friendly relations with Moscow, but has continued to support NATO since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine under Mario Draghi.

A third right-wing coalition partner, Silvio Berlusconi, sparked controversy when he said late on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “forced” by his own people to invade Ukraine. He returned on Friday to reaffirm his “absolute loyalty” to NATO and the EU.

When Berlusconi was Italy’s prime minister, he treated Putin like a friend, hosting him in a palace in Sardinia and traveling with him to Crimea after Moscow annexed it in 2014.

Matteo Salvini, for his part, calls for the sanctions imposed on Moscow to be eased, considering them ineffective and counterproductive, but also believes that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “unjustified”.

As for the Georgian melon, he took clear positions in support of Ukraine, sanctions on Moscow and supplying weapons to Kyiv.

On Saturday, Italian newspapers expressed concern about the legislative elections. “Zelensky to Italians: ‘Don’t vote for Putin’s friends,’” the left-wing newspaper La Repubblica wrote on its front page.

“The final challenge for Europe and Putin,” read a headline in the newspaper Corriere della Sera. Italy’s relations with the European Union will also be closely monitored.

In Mellon’s promises of cooperation, hidden threats. We want a strong, serious and respected Italy on the international stage.

The far-right coalition has promised to honor its European commitments and Meloni has formally abandoned plans to withdraw Italy from the eurozone, but concerns remain, in particular over confirmation of support for the Hungarian regime led by ultranationalist Viktor. Orban.

Mellon is calling for a renegotiation of Italy’s post-pandemic recovery plan, which the EU has earmarked around €200 billion in funds to offset rising energy costs since the war in Ukraine.

However, Italy’s granting of European funds has given rise to a series of reforms that the Draghi government strictly adhered to when it came into force, but which now appear to be in jeopardy.

Meloni believes that if he wins, “the party of Europe will end” and Italy “will start defending its national interests as everyone else does.”

Source: EuroNews

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