We explain.rf we told the mobilized what to do if they get sick

A man called up for military service during partial mobilization puts a military ID in his pocket - RIA Novosti, 1920, 09/25/2022
A man who is drafted during partial mobilization puts a military ID in his pocket. Archive photo

We explain.rf: Those mobilized who do not appear in the military registration and enlistment office after the illness will be considered a deviant.

MOSCOW, September 25 – RIA Novosti. Mobilized citizens who do not appear on the draft board after illness will be considered deserters, but citizens with diabetes and severe asthma may be exempted from military service. telegram channel we explain.rf.

“I was called to the military population directorate, I am sick and what should I do if I cannot come? – You must report the disease to the military service branch in any way. After you recover, you must definitely go to the military. To appear at the military registration and registration office and submit a sick leave. Results” were said.

But citizens with diabetes and severe asthma can be exempted from the draft.

In addition, a full list of diseases that give the right to suspend or exemption from compulsory military service can be found on the Announced.rf website.

It is emphasized that people registered in narcological dispensaries are not called up for military service.

Source: Ria


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