Post: Ambassador says Russia shows great interest in Nepalese youth

Nepal’s Ambassador to Russia Milan Raj Tuladhar. Archive photo

Moscow Ambassador says Russia shows great interest in Nepalese youth

MOSCOW, September 25 – RIA Novosti. Nepal’s ambassador to the Russian Federation, Milan Raj Tuladhar, told RIA Novosti that Russia still attracts Nepal’s great interest, as it did during the Soviet era.

“Russia is still of great interest to Nepal because universities in Russia are among the best in the world. Nepalese have a good experience of studying here. Several generations have passed since the Soviet era. Parents of current students also studied here. They know. With RIA Novosti “It’s about the quality of Russian institutions, so it’s still an attractive place for learning,” Tuladhar said in an interview.

The diplomat stressed that Nepal has had little contact in the past, so India and Russia are the main options for studying Nepali students. But with its growing ties to other countries, Russia continues to attract Nepali youth.

“I hope more scholarships will be opened to Nepali students from Russia. As the scholarships increase, the interest will definitely increase.”

Read the full interview with Milan Raja Tuladhar >>

Source: Ria

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