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Post: “Not himself.” Truss’ remarks about Putin angered British


Liz Truss. Archive photo

Daily Mail readers criticize Truss for urging Putin to ignore Putin’s warnings

MOSCOW, September 26 – RIA Novosti. British newspaper readers daily mail She criticized British Prime Minister Liz Truss after she urged her to ignore Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warnings.

“Putin thinks he’s stupid. He’s right,” wrote one commenter.

Another said, “How can this be a bluff? Putin always seems to speak directly, he means whatever he says. His character is bad and he puts our lives at risk.”

A third said, “He repeats what the US wants in the global struggle to maintain its hegemony. Britain’s national interests are nothing to him.”

“I want him to stop making fun of Putin!” — the user was angry.

“He’s hopelessly out of his mind. When can we get rid of him,” the readers summed up.

Earlier, in an interview with the American television channel CNN, Truss urged the West to ignore Putin’s warnings and continue to impose anti-Russian sanctions and help Ukraine.

In a recent speech to the Russians, Putin said that the West had crossed the line in anti-Russian rhetoric and launched nuclear blackmail. According to him, representatives of the leading NATO states are talking about the admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction against Moscow, but the authors of such statements need to take into account that “the windmill may also turn in its direction.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that the risk of nuclear war is very important, but stressed that Moscow’s principled stance is not to use such weapons.

Source: Ria

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