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Post: A Moscow company has developed a heavy-duty aerial cable


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MOSCOW, September 27 – RIA Novosti. The capital has created an import-substituted high-strength aerospace optical cable for onboard radio-electronic equipment, according to the press service reports of the city’s Department of Investment and Industrial Policy (DIPP).

“In Moscow, cable and wire products are currently produced by 11 enterprises that are constantly improving their products and increasing their production volumes. For example, one of the companies in the capital has developed an onboard aerospace optical cable of increased strength for complexes and systems -board radio-electronic equipment Earlier , such products are mostly brought to Russia from abroad. In the near future, the company plans to produce an experimental batch of such cables and carry out preliminary tests. It is planned to continue development. Mass production will begin in 2023, “said Vladislav Ovchinsky, head of the division.

It was noted that the new product can be used in navigation and radar systems for visualization of flight parameters. The power elements of the cable are resistant to flexing, bending and crushing loads. It is also 1.8 mm in diameter. The cable is made of domestic materials.

“The product has increased mechanical strength, does not have metal structural elements and can provide high data transfer rates even under extreme overload conditions. Therefore, the operating temperature range of these cables is between minus 60 and plus 150 degrees Celsius. It can be used in development, aviation, rocket, navy, and also available It can be used for power lines as a precision element of load meters,” he said. Cable assemblies in Spetskabel.

Source: Ria

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