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Post: Rocket bombardment hits Baghdad’s ‘Green Zone’


Huda Jassim (Baghdad)

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Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi called on security forces to locate and arrest the perpetrators of a rocket attack on the Green Zone in central Baghdad that wounded several security forces and renewed calls for dialogue. With the majority of its members, he again expressed his confidence in President Mohammed Al-Halbussi, who stressed the need for a comprehensive political solution in which everyone assumes their responsibilities. These events coincided with the start of clashes between protesters and security forces. Green Zone: The United Nations called for an end to violence and a constructive dialogue between political parties to overcome the crisis in the country.
Yesterday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi ordered security forces to locate and arrest the perpetrators of the rocket attack in the Green Zone in central Baghdad.
In a statement, al-Kazemi stressed that security forces must fulfill their duty to protect state institutions, public and private property and protesters, calling on “demonstrators to respect peace and the directives of the security forces”. He considered that the current security situation is a political situation. He reflected and reiterated the call for dialogue between all political forces to resolve the current crisis, support the state and its institutions in carrying out their tasks and protect Iraqis from the consequences of political conflicts. 7 soldiers were wounded. The cell said in a statement that “the Green Zone in Baghdad was bombed by three bombs, the first fell in front of the Iraqi parliament building, the second near a guest house, and the third fell near the security headquarters.” , causing the death of 7 soldiers. Wounded with several wounded and several cars and one of the buildings.” There was a clash between protesters and security forces near the Green Zone, with the sound of gunfire. The Security Media Service reported that 133 people , including 11 civilians and 4 officers, were injured during the protests.
The cell said in a statement: “We urge everyone to follow the guidelines issued by the relevant security services as these injuries occurred in the bodies of Iraqis who are people from the same country.” on the ground, and protesters threw stones at security forces.
Yesterday, the Sadrist movement announced that it will not participate in the next Iraqi government.
A close associate of the movement’s leader, Saleh Mohammed al-Iraqi, accused the “occupier and his lackeys” of being responsible for the bombing of the Green Zone. He said: “The bombing of the area is intended to sow discord in Iraq. We categorically reject the violence and weapons carried out by strangers in bombing the Green Zone.” The controversy comes after the Chamber of Deputies yesterday voted to renew the confidence of the Speaker of Parliament, Mohammed Al-Halbus, by a majority of its members.
Parliament’s media department said in a statement that the total number of voters had reached 235, with just 13 voting to resign and 222 rejecting.
A parliamentary source said that the parliament chose Mohsen Al-Mandalaw as the first vice-president of the House of Representatives.
For his part, al-Halbusi claimed the need for a comprehensive political solution in which everyone assumes their responsibility and what they have on their shoulders before the people.
He also called in a press release: “Loyalists in all political forces to find a political solution for the country, take on the challenges of this step and reach the next steps, hoping that the relationship between the masses and their political forces” . Returns”.
According to him, “the country is suffering a lot and is exposed to successive political, security and military problems and we all have to assume our responsibility”.
He added: “We hope to reach a conclusion by bringing the political parties together in parliament and the constitutional chamber where the Iraqi constitution was written and calling for the adoption of the Baghdad document, whose image was tarnished and the people suffered. “Today, due to the parliamentary session and political activity, which should have been normal.”
and urged the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) to end the violence and refrain from intimidation, threats and violence.
The mission believes that there are solutions and for their success a constructive dialogue must be established as soon as possible.
Dr. Ghazi Faisal Hussain, director of the Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies, said in a statement to Al-Ittihad: “Discussions between political parties in Iraq on the creation of a ‘coalition of state administration’ have not reached the stage. I agree, indicating that the conflict between political leaders and supporters continues, as political forces do not have the right to make decisions in accordance with the objectives of the political process.

Source: Al Ittihad

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