WorldUN calls for truce in Yemen to continue

UN calls for truce in Yemen to continue


Dina Mahmoud (Aden, London)

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The UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, called for an extension of the ceasefire in the country, days before it expired.
Grundberg said he “concluded a series of talks in the region where he met with the head of Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad al-Alimi, and several officials.”
It added in a statement last night: “A UN proposal to extend and extend the ceasefire beyond 2 October 2022 was discussed during the negotiations.”
He stressed “the importance of extending the ceasefire to allow Yemenis to move forward on a broader scale that meets priorities and provides space to prepare to move forward in comprehensive political negotiations.”
“We are at a crossroads where the threat of returning to war has become real,” he said.
The military provocateur says that the Houthi terrorist militia, created a few days ago in the areas under its control, has not erased from the minds of millions of Yemenis the trauma caused by the coup that led to the ongoing conflict in Yemen.
Just a few weeks after that coup, it became clear that what happened was nothing more than an attempt to consolidate the foundations of an extremist and terrorist state in Yemen, making it dependent on regional powers and threatening the security and stability of the entire region. .
The Houthi coup shattered Yemen’s dreams of a free democratic system and led to the establishment of a bloody de facto dictatorship in provinces subservient to the coup gang, which carries out the worst repressive practices against its opponents and opponents. public opinion and deprives women, religious minorities and marginalized groups of their legitimate rights.
In the eyes of experts and observers of the Yemeni question, the Houthis militias, which bet on the military option and their desperate attempts to impose a fanatical ideology on the Yemenis, are one of the most prominent obstacles preventing a political solution to the current crisis problem. . . Which means that in order to make real progress towards the end of the war, society needs to get the international community, with the United Nations at its core, to take a stronger stand against the coup plotters. That would require forcing the Houthi terrorist militias to take steps that would open the door to a cessation of hostilities and a comprehensive advance, experts said in comments posted on the Washington-based Institute for Middle East Studies and Research website. A political solution to the conflict that guarantees the neutralization of the security threat posed by the Houthis in Yemen and across the region and the search for power-sharing mechanisms that guarantee the equal participation of the different spectrums.
Any such agreement must ensure that the Houthis militias are stripped of their weapons, especially heavy weapons, as well as the dismantling of rockets and planes that the coup plotters used months ago to launch terrorist attacks across the border.
Experts have warned that any solution to the conflict in Yemen will not be effective without taking steps to firmly address the military arsenal and military capabilities of the coup gang, and the international community insists on its complete dismantling. At the end of their statements, the experts concluded that the war waged by the Houthis in Yemen has serious consequences on several political, economic and cultural levels, posing a dilemma for diplomats and mediators who have not yet managed to do something tangible. Advances in the peace process, due to the gang’s dark record, the coup failed to fulfill its commitments, leaving an end to the war and the Yemeni bloodshed out of reach.

Source: Al Ittihad

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