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Post: In the USA, the defense petition of the Russian Danchenko to dismiss the case was rejected.


Igor Danchenko. Archive photo

The court in the United States rejects the defense petition to dismiss the criminal case of Russian Danchenko

WASHINGTON, September 30 – RIA Novosti. According to court documents, the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia rejected a request by the defense of Russian Igor Danchenko, who was accused of knowingly giving false information to the FBI, to drop the criminal case against him.

Danchenko was a key source for the feds in the investigation into former US President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

“Following the petition, the minutes for and against, the defense of the defense at the hearing on September 29, and the reasons stated in open court, I decide to set off the petition of the defendant Igor Danchenko. “After Thursday’s decision by Judge Anthony Treng, it was refused to dismiss the case,” he said. The documents were published in the court’s electronic database.

The trial in the Russian case is scheduled for October 11 in Alexandria, Virginia. At the same time, Danchenko had previously declared his innocence to American justice.

Since the 2016 presidential election, US authorities have been investigating Trump’s alleged campaign ties to Russia, based on a file by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. There is now a case in the USA against Danchenko on charges of perjury. Prosecutors allege that Danchenko lied to the FBI about the sources of the information he gave Steele about “contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials,” including information that “the Kremlin may have facilitated Trump’s election.” In the indictment, it is stated that Danchenko did not receive such information from anyone and that it was “made up facts”.

According to court documents, Danchenko provided the data to Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer who prepared dossier material based on them, on which US authorities relied on the Trump campaign’s investigation of alleged ties to Russia.

Source: Ria

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