WorldApple executive fired for bad TikTok prank

Apple executive fired for bad TikTok prank


Apple logo in New York. Archive photo

Apple executive nicknamed Blevinator fired for bad TikTok prank

WASHINGTON, September 29 – RIA Novosti. Apple’s vice president, who manages all purchasing and negotiations with suppliers, has been fired from the company because of a viral video in which a senior executive caught the attention of “big-breasted beauties,” the agency reported. flower mountain.

Tony Blevins started working at Apple in 2000 at the personal invitation of Tim Cook, the company’s current president. The business press wrote that Blevins earned the nickname Blevinator because of his difficult negotiating style with partners.

The video was posted on the social network TikTok on September 5. Blevins was approached by a blogger who was making a series of videos in which he asked expensive car owners about their profession. The blogger stopped Blevins while parking his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, a sports car that was not mass-produced and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When asked what his job is, Blevins unexpectedly replied, “I own luxury cars, play golf, and caress big-breasted beauties.”

The video received over 40,000 likes on Instagram* and 1.3 million views on TikTok. Following its release, a number of Apple employees approached the personnel department, and the company launched an internal investigation into the matter. As a result, the senior executive was sacked, as an Apple spokesperson said on Thursday.

According to the agency’s notes, the Blevins prank, which turned out to be fatal to his career, was actually a quote from the movie “Arthur” (1981), in which the protagonist called himself “the richest alcoholic in the world.”

According to the agency, Blevins’ departure creates a vacuum in Apple’s strategic directions. Colleagues say it has played a key role in the company’s success over the past two decades, helping to increase profit margins and providing access to key technologies that are ahead of the competition. Given Apple’s understanding of supply chain and negotiation skills, it would be difficult to replace a senior executive of this stature.

* Meta activity (social networks Facebook and Instagram) banned in Russia for extremism

Source: Ria

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