Post: The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed images of mobilized combat coordination.

The Russian Ministry of Defense showed images of the combat coordination of those mobilized near the NVO zone

MOSCOW, September 30/ Radio Sputnik. Mobilized citizens and volunteers undergo combat coordination as part of units in training areas close to the areas of the Northern Military District, reported At the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“During combat coordination, military personnel master military equipment and weapons, fire training from standard weapons and military equipment, artillery systems and air defense systems, develop driving skills as part of units in tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored carriers,” Telegram-defense channel.

The Russian Ministry of Defense added that after carrying out the combat coordination, the units will begin to act as part of the reserve and reinforcement units, as well as the tasks of controlling and defending the liberated areas.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that they commented on reports of soldiers sleeping on the street in the Perm Territory.

Terse. Selected quotes only ours telegram channel.

Source: Ria

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