WorldThe eyewitness said that most of those killed in...

The eyewitness said that most of those killed in the explosion in Kabul were girls.


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Eyewitness: Most of those killed in Kabul explosion were girls

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ACCEPTANCE, September 30 – RIA Novosti. An eyewitness told RIA Novosti that most of those killed in an explosion at an educational institution in the Afghan capital, Kabul, were girls.

An explosion occurred during exams at an educational institution in the Dasht-i-Barchi district on Friday morning. Al Jazeera TV channel reported, citing an Afghan government source, that the number of victims of the explosion reached 32 and injured 40. In response, Khaled Zadran, the representative of the Kabul police, announced that 19 dead and 27 injured.

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A student named Rahim said, “When the shots were fired, everyone ran and screamed. Suicide bombers came in and exploded at the girls’ entrance. So most of the victims are girls.”

According to him, about 400 people passed the exam.

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The ruling Taliban movement* in Afghanistan condemned the attack on the training center. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

* Under UN sanctions for terrorist activities

Source: Ria

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