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Post: Protesters blocked access to Sandu administration building


Opposition protesters in front of the Moldovan presidential administration building in Chisinau. Archive photo

Police in Chisinau blocked protesters from accessing the presidential administration building

KISINAU, 30 September – RIA Novosti. RIA Novosti correspondent reported that supporters and representatives of the opposition Shor party in Moldova, which started a new protest action in Chisinau, were not allowed by the police to enter the presidential administration building.

In Chisinau, the 13th day of opposition protests began, as demonstrators insist on the resignation of the country’s leadership and holding early parliamentary elections.

A group of protesters went to the presidential administration, where they usually held daily rallies, but the police stopped them at the fence of the building. European Commissioner for Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn arrived in Moldova on Friday and met with the president of the republic, Maia Sandu.

“We want to ask him questions about how the opposition evaluates the situation regarding the persecution in the country. We want him to know the demands of the protesters. We believe that we were banned from meeting on Sandu’s orders. Dinu Turcanu, one of the leaders of the protest movement, held a rally today near the walls of the presidential palace,” he said.

The demonstrators, who could not pass the police cordon, went to the parliament building.

In May, anti-government rallies and pickets began in Moldova. Protesters are angered by the unprecedented rise in gas, other energy sources and food prices, as well as high inflation and falling living standards. The protesters, who blamed the authorities for not being able to cope with the crisis, point to record inflation in the last 20 years, reaching 33.5% year-on-year in mid-summer. The country’s leadership has been criticized for its reluctance to negotiate better gas prices with Russia and for political pressure on opposition representatives.

Numerous polls show that nearly 60% of the country’s population doubts the ruling Action and Solidarity party’s ability to stay in power for three more years before the next parliamentary elections. Also, about 70% of Moldovans are disappointed with the policy of the authorities, and almost 65% support the idea of ​​changing the government.

Source: Ria

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