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Post: At the conference, citizens were asked to define the term “Russian hostility”


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Participants in the citizens’ conference demanded a legal definition of the term “Russian phobia”

MEXICO CITY, 1 October – RIA Novosti. In the final document, the participants of the XIV conference of Russian citizens in the countries of America, New Zealand and Australia called on Russian parliamentarians to develop and legislate a legal definition of the term “Rusphobia”.

“To ask the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, on the basis of the right to legislative initiative, to develop a legal definition of the term “Russian hostility” for the use and further application of this term in the legal framework of the Russian Federation. The inclusion of this expression in international law,” the participants of the conferences in Costa Rica He says it’s his decision.

Russian Ambassador to Costa Rica, Yury Bejanyan, told RIA Novosti that the conference participants were concerned about the development and strengthening of Russophobia in many countries, as well as the unacceptable actions of the authorities that humiliate and try to destroy Russian culture, history and history, language is reflected in the specific proposals final document.

“We believe that a very important role in this matter will be played by the further development of the legal framework and the practical work of citizens and Rossotrudnichestvo organizations, so that the rights and interests of our citizens are preserved in all respects – from the point of view of the Russian language and the situation in the societies in which they live,” he said.

Source: Ria

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