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Post: Germany will help Moldova get drones and other military equipment


Soldiers of the Bundeswehr. Archive photo

German Defense Minister Lambrecht: Germany will help Moldova acquire drones and military equipment

KISINAU, 1 October – RIA Novosti. Germany will help Chisinau acquire military drones and other military equipment for the Moldovan national army, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said at a briefing on Saturday.

Earlier, the head of the department, Anatoly Nosatii, told the media that the national army of Moldova has 6.5 thousand military personnel and 2 thousand civilians, and its military equipment is obsolete Soviet equipment.

Republic officials declare the need to purchase weapons to strengthen defense capacity and strengthen borders in the context of a regional crisis. In an interview with TV channels, State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Valery Mizha said that the Moldovan army will receive modern armored vehicles, communications equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles under the EU program for 40 million euros, which will double the country’s defense budget this year.

“It’s no secret if I say that Germany will help Moldova to buy military drones and other military equipment for the national army. I will not give details: now is not the right time, but I assure you we will find good things.” Solutions on this issue” – Lambercht said at a briefing in Chisinau.

In turn, the head of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova stated that Germany has long supported the republic.

“Moldova’s Ministry of Defense has been cooperating with Germany for many years. Thanks to their help, the arsenals were repaired and the dangerous expired ammunition was disposed of. The Moldovan army was also provided with vehicles to transport ammunition. Thanks to the German Ministry of Defense. A large number of Moldovan officers are being trained,” he said.

Officials of the republic have repeatedly talked about maintaining a neutral status, but since 1994 the republic cooperates with NATO in the framework of an individual partnership plan. The Alliance’s information center operates in the republic. Authorities plan to open a NATO office in Chisinau. According to opinion polls, the majority of Moldovan citizens oppose the country’s NATO membership.

Source: Ria

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