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Post: Venezuela announced the release of citizens of two countries in the United States.


Venezuela announced the release of citizens of two countries wrongfully imprisoned in the United States.

MEXICO CITY, 1 October – RIA Novosti. Venezuelan authorities announced the release of two citizens of the country “wrongfully imprisoned” in the United States, and the release of US citizens imprisoned in the Bolivarian Republic for humanitarian reasons.

“The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela wishes to inform our people and the international community that, as a result of negotiations with representatives of the US government since March 5, it is possible to release two Venezuelan youths who have been wrongfully imprisoned in this country, ” reads the statement issued by Venezuelan Vice President Alfred Nazaret.

According to the text, the Venezuelan justice system also decided to release a group of prosecuted US citizens on humanitarian grounds.

“The Bolivarian government of Venezuela welcomes the results of these negotiations and looks forward to maintaining peace and harmony with all the peoples of our region and the world,” the statement said.

The media reported that during the talks in July, the US delegation discussed the release of Marine Matthew Heath in Venezuela, five former executives of the oil company Citgo and two more Americans. Three more US citizens were later detained for illegally entering Venezuela.

Venezuelan authorities did not disclose information about the size and composition of the group of released US citizens.

Source: Ria

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