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Post: Ukrainian troops hit the “fire bag” on the territory of the LPR


Soldiers of the LPR People’s Militia firing howitzers at the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Archive photo

People’s Militia officer Marochko: the Ukrainian army entered a fire bag in the LPR

MOSCOW, October 3 – RIA Novosti. Andrey Marochko, an officer of the LPR People’s Militia, told reporters on Monday that Ukrainian troops on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic fell into a “fire bag”.

“Ukrainian troops entered the” fire bag “and are actively destroyed by our troops. They managed to advance a short distance – 1.5-2 kilometers. And this was done so that Zelensky announced further successes. But only he remained silent. “He put his fighters to certain death. the fact that he sent Now they are under fire simultaneously from three sides of our forces and from the Russian Federation – from the north, east and south, anyone who enters the territory of the LPR is systematically destroyed,” Marochko told reporters.

According to him, the Kyiv regime “systematically destroys Ukrainian soldiers, absolutely senselessly sending them to certain death.”

“There’s absolutely no tactic or strategy in this,” he said.

On September 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke in the Kremlin after the results of the referendums in the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, and then signed agreements with their heads on the admission of the regions to Russia.

Map of the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine
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Map of the special operations of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine as of 02.10.2022



Source: Ria

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