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Post: Ukrainian troops bombarded Donetsk and Yasinovataya


Fragments of Ukrainian shells in the Donetsk region. Archive photo

Representation of the DPR: the Armed Forces of Ukraine bombarded Donetsk and Yasinovataya with NATO caliber shells

DONETSK, 3 October – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian troops bombarded the cities of Donetsk and Yasinovataya, within 45 minutes they fired 10 155-millimeter “NATO” caliber shells, reported Representation of the Donetsk People’s Republic at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of War Crimes Issues in Ukraine.

The Ministry’s Telegram channel states, “Fire was recorded from the armed formations of Ukraine in the direction: 06.55 (Moscow time) – Orlovka settlement – Yasinovataya settlement: 4 shells of 155 mm caliber were fired.”

It is stated that in 7.29 and 7.40 The Ukrainian army fired six artillery shells in the Kievsky district of Donetsk.

Yasinovataya is located about 25 kilometers north of Donetsk and is home to the largest train station in the former USSR. It has been in contact with the combat positions of the Ukrainian troops for about eight years, in the direction of Avdiivka, west of the city, which has been controlled by the DPR since 2014.

The Kyiv district of Donetsk is located in the northern part of the city. Here is Miners Square, Kyiv Prospekt, railway station, Donbass Arena football stadium. Artem Street, the main artery of the city, also ends here. Since 2014, when the DNR declared its independence from Kiev after a coup, the area has been regularly bombed by Ukrainian security forces.

The airport, which was devastated as a result of months of fighting between the besieged Ukrainian army and the Donetsk militia, which raided their positions, is considered to be the northern outskirts of the region.

155 mm caliber artillery is used by NATO countries. Also in Ukraine, a wheeled self-propelled artillery assembly “Bogdan” was developed and produced in a single copy for such a caliber. The United States had previously supplied Kiev with a long-range 155 mm M-777 howitzer, Ukrainian troops have already used them to bombard cities, including Donetsk, causing civilian deaths.

Map of the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine
yesterday, 16:32infographics

Map of the special operations of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine as of 02.10.2022



Source: Ria

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