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Post: Media: Maximum speed of North Korean missile reaches Mach 17


People close to the screen publish a report on the launch of the North Korean ballistic missile. Archive photo

Yonhap: The maximum speed of the ballistic missile launched by the DPRK has reached Mach 17

MOSCOW, October 4 – RIA Novosti. The maximum speed of a ballistic missile launched by the DPRK on Tuesday reached Mach 17, transmits The Yonhap agency referred to the South Korean military.

According to the military in South Korea, the rocket flew about 4.5 thousand kilometers with a maximum flight altitude of 970 kilometers.

But the Japanese Cabinet said that the rocket covered a distance of 4.6 thousand kilometers with a maximum altitude of 1,000 kilometers.

Previously, it was known that the DPRK launched a medium-range ballistic missile and launched it towards the Sea of ​​​​Japan. The Japanese government said the missile was likely fired at Hokkaido and Aomori Prefecture on the island of Honshu and urged residents in those areas to take shelter in buildings.

The rocket flew over the territory of Japan and crashed into the Pacific Ocean outside the country’s exclusive economic zone. According to various sources, the place of the fall is about 3 thousand kilometers from the Japanese archipelago.

Source: Ria

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