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Post: Japan Council of Ministers said how long the DPRK missile flew


Broadcast the television newscast about North Korea’s missile launch. Archive photo

Japanese government secretary-general Matsuno: North Korean missile flew about 4600 kilometers

TOKYO, October 4 – RIA Novosti. Hirokazu Matsuno, Secretary General of the Japanese Government, said that the missile fired by the DPRK covered a distance of approximately 4,600 kilometers with a maximum flight altitude of 1,000 kilometers.

“North Korea launched a ballistic missile that flew over the territory of our country in the region of Aomori Province and crashed into the Pacific Ocean outside the country’s exclusive economic zone. It is estimated that by flying a distance of about 4.6 thousand kilometers, it reached the maximum flight altitude of 1 thousand kilometers,” Matsuno said. at a press conference.

According to the Japanese government, North Korea carried out a missile launch on Tuesday morning. The rocket flew over the territory of Japan and crashed into the Pacific Ocean outside the country’s exclusive economic zone. According to various sources, the place of the fall is about 3 thousand kilometers from the Japanese archipelago.

In connection with the missile test, an emergency headquarters was set up under the Japanese government to gather and analyze information, and the National Security Council also met.

There were no reports of damage to property or shipping.

North Korea launched several missiles last week. All missiles were supposedly ballistic, the flight altitude was about 50 kilometers, the altitude was from 300 to 400 kilometers. Some flew along a non-standard orbit.

Source: Ria

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