WorldNorth Korean missile is 3,000 kilometers from Japan

North Korean missile is 3,000 kilometers from Japan


Footage of the launch of a North Korean ballistic missile in Seoul. Archive photo

Asahi: North Korean missile fell 3,000 kilometers from Japan in the Pacific Ocean

TOKYO, October 4 – RIA Novosti. A ballistic missile fired by the DPRK crashed into the Pacific Ocean 3,000 kilometers from Japan, transmits TV channel Asahi cites sources in government circles.

North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japan on Tuesday morning and landed in the Pacific Ocean outside its exclusive economic zone, according to the Japanese government. A North Korean missile last flew over Japan five years ago.

Under the government of Japan, an emergency center was created to gather and analyze information, and a national security council was convened.

There were no reports of damage to property or shipping.

North Korea launched several missiles last week. All missiles were probably ballistic, the flight altitude was about 50 kilometers, the range was from 300 to 400 kilometers. Some flew along a non-standard orbit.

Source: Ria


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