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Post: Military retirees can be mobilized if they meet the criteria


Partial mobilization in Russia. Archive photo

Military retirees can be mobilized if they meet the recruitment criteria.

MOSCOW, October 6 – RIA Novosti. Military retirees can be recruited into the RF Armed Forces for partial mobilization if their health status and military enrollment specialties meet the requirements for conscription, the government portal reported on Thursday.explain.rf“.

“Military retirees are called to mobilize if their state of health and current military specialization meets the requirements of the call. If you think you can be summoned, you have the opportunity to come to the military enlistment and enrollment office and testify about the desire to be mobilized,” the portal replied to the relevant question.

According to the presidential decree, partial mobilization continues in Russia since September 21. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, it is necessary to control the 1,000-kilometer front line and liberated areas in Ukraine.

A total of 300 thousand people will be called – that is, about one of about 80 people in the reserve and mobilization reserve, and above all those who already have combat experience. According to the latest data from the Russian Ministry of Defense, it reached more than 200,000 mobilized soldiers.

Sergei Shoigu said that the mobilized will be sent to the special operations zone after combat coordination and only with units participating in the NWO.

After reports of violations on the ground (taking the unfit, the sick, not paying attention to delay, etc.), President Vladimir Putin instructed the Attorney General’s Office to “respond promptly to every signal.”

As stated on the government portal “Explaining.rf”, enlisted men and sergeants of the reserve under 50, junior officers under 60, senior officers up to 65 are subject to conscription, but those under 35, 50 and 55 years, respectively.

Source: Ria

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