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Post: The source spoke about the residents of Chukotka detained in Alaska


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Chukotka residents detained in Alaska fled to evade responsibility, not conscription

VLADIVOSTOK, 7 October – RIA Novosti. Residents of Chukotka detained in Alaska illegally crossed the US border not to avoid partial mobilization, but to evade responsibility for a series of illegal acts in Russia, a knowledgeable source told RIA Novosti.

80 kilometers from Chukotka, St. It was learned that two Russians were detained on the island of Lawrence, they are in custody in Anchorage. At the same time, a number of publications suggested that men might try to hide from partial mobilization.

“They deliberately sailed (on a boat). They fled not from the call, but for another reason – to avoid responsibility for certain actions on the territory of the Russian Federation – they decided to hide.” .

He also revealed that one of the detainees is under investigation for drug possession, with both men born in 1971 and 1978 having financial problems they hope to resolve in the United States.

As the interlocutor of the agency said, Russians who violate the border with the USA are usually extradited to their homeland, but now the States can explain their flight with political motives. “Although they are not in the category of persons subject to mobilisation,” the source said.

The Russian Embassy in the US previously said that diplomats who were aware of the incident planned to talk to the detainees by phone. The media reported that the Russians were seeking asylum, citing US State Senator Lisa Markowski. The Department of Homeland Security has yet to respond to RIA Novosti’s request regarding the condition of the detainees and what awaits them.

Partial mobilization has been declared in Russia by presidential decree since September 21. On October 4, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that more than 200,000 of the 300,000 scheduled to enlist had already arrived in the Armed Forces.

Source: Ria

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