Post: The operations center said that the head of the Kuban village has the right to issue a subpoena.

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The operation center did not find any violations in the fact that the head of the Kuban village himself writes the agendas

KRASNODAR, 7 October – RIA Novosti. The head of the village in the Krasnodar Territory acted legally by writing a subpoena to local residents, reported in the regional centre.

Earlier, information appeared in the network that the head of the Poselkovsky rural settlement of the Timashevsky district of the Kuban, Natalya Zheltobryukhova, wrote a subpoena on her own, which allegedly asked for it due to the heavy workload of representatives of the military registration and enlistment bureau. .

“The powers of local self-government, including the management of rural settlements, ensure the implementation of primary military registration. This is regulated by federal legislation. This is in particular, the appointment of the commissariat, its delivery to the military service branch, the head of the village rural settlements and the specialist of the military service branch,” he said on the Telegram channel of the Operations center. He did this job within the framework of his powers.”

The press service of the Timashevsky district administration added that the mobilization task of September 27 was created taking into account the reserve, therefore, part of the reserve citizens were returned home with the delivery of summons to be sent another day from the military commissariat.

Kirill Kabanov, a member of the Human Rights Council chaired by the President of the Russian Federation, drew attention to the issues of shifting the agenda to mobilization. He noted that the transfer of the call is a legal process, but theoretically it is possible for the call to be transferred by authorized draft commissions or housing and communal services employees, but this carries the risk of leaking information about personal data. Kabanov explained to RIA Novosti that official state institutions and state bodies should transmit agendas, this can be representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or military registration and enlistment offices.

Partial mobilization has been declared in Russia by presidential decree since September 21.

Source: Ria

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