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“Access denied”. Why does Belarus need Iskanders and S-400s?


The country’s Ministry of Defense reported that the Belarusian army will receive the Iskander complexes and S-400 systems. Yuri Knutov, military expert and director of the Air Defense Forces Museum, commented on this information on Sputnik radio.

The republican defense ministry, referring to the statement by the head of the department, Viktor Khrenin, said that the Belarusian armed forces will receive Iskander missile systems and S-400 air defense systems.

“The Minister of Defense announced the arrival of a number of new products to the troops – these are Iskander missile systems, S-400 air defense systems, and in October there will be a presentation of unmanned combat systems,” he said. aforementioned In a message posted on the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

In the broadcast of Sputnik radio, a military expert, director of the Museum of the Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov, recalled that a related agreement had previously been reached between the leaders of the Russian Federation and Belarus, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko.

“There was an agreement between the presidents of Russia and Belarus when the president of Belarus asked for help to strengthen the country’s defense capability. Since Belarus is an outpost on the western borders of the Union State, it was decided that Russia would provide this assistance, Alexander and supply the C-400, ‘ said the expert.

The presence of these weapons in the Belarusian army announced that it provides additional protection for the State of the Russian Union and the western borders of Belarus.

Yury Knutov said, “In the West, Iskander systems and S-400 systems are called inaccessible weapons. So in fact, these weapons do not allow the enemy to concentrate his troops to strike.”

Terse. Selected quotes only ours telegram channel.

Source: Ria



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