Post: Stremousov said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces came across a defensive line 140 kilometers from Kherson.

Stele of the city of Kherson. Archive photo

Stremousov: Ukrainian army hit a defensive line 140 kilometers from Kherson

MOSCOW, October 7 – RIA Novosti. A large number of equipment and manpower of the Ukrainian troops entered the defensive line in the Davydov Brod area, 140 kilometers from Kherson. reported Kirill Stremousov, Deputy Head of Regional Management.

“A huge accumulation of equipment, a huge accumulation of manpower. In general, all these forces are rushing to Kherson … Now Davydov Brod’s turn is gone, they approached the Dnieper and got into a certain fire bag, (their) destruction continues They are trying to cross this pass, but not a short distance to Kherson, currently around 140 km. Now they have entered a layered defensive line built by the Nazis. Russian Federation Defense Ministry, “Sremousov said on Channel One.

Ukrainian troops launched a counterattack a few days ago, occupying settlements in the gray zone in the northern part of the Kherson region. According to regional officials, their progress has been halted.

On October 2, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported in its summary that the enemy conducted active offensive operations in the direction of the settlement of Davydov Brod, but was stopped, the losses of the Ukrainian army exceeded 240 people.

Source: Ria

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