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Post: Iran reveals cause of death of Mahsa Amini


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Iran has released a report on the cause of death of Mahsa Amini, whose death sparked protests.

MOSCOW, October 7 – RIA Novosti. Iranian forensic experts have released a report on the cause of death of a young girl named Mahsa Amini, whose death sparked riots and protests. My Tasnim.

Citing the report, the agency states that Amini underwent major surgery in 2006 for a “craniopharyngioma” (a benign tumor in the brain), followed by prolonged treatment for a post-operative “hypothalamus” malfunction. pituitary – gonadal glands” (hormonally interconnected organ system).

Furthermore, Amini was suffering from irregular heart rhythms and low blood pressure. According to the report, on September 13, when the girl was taken to the police station, she suffered a seizure due to cerebral hypoxia (reduction of oxygen to the brain).

As a result of the examination, it was noted that over the next three days in the intensive care unit, the girl did not notice any noticeable improvement, since the adequate supply of oxygen was prevented by respiratory failure and problems with low blood pressure – hypotension. It was this that caused the multi-organ failure, as a result of which the functioning of the brain was disrupted and stopped.

Morality police detained Amini in Tehran on September 13. The girl was sent to one of the “Faraj” centers of the police department and military intelligence for a descriptive interview. Mahsi, who had a heart attack there, was immediately taken to the hospital. Three days later she died on September 16, she. Neighborhood residents blamed the deputy police officer for Mahsa’s death. In different cities of the country, people began to gather on the streets to protest. Videos were posted on social networks in which girls cut their hair and burn a headscarf or Rusari headscarf, which an Iranian woman must necessarily cover.

As a result, protests and riots have occurred continuously in many major cities of Iran for more than two weeks. According to recent reports, four members of the Basij militia were killed during this time and another 180 were stabbed. According to unofficial local media reports, 41 people were killed and about 100 injured. Videos of police being brutally treated and beaten by protesters were posted on social media. In addition, people organized robberies and pogroms on the streets of cities, damaging public and state infrastructure. For example, more than 60 ambulances were smashed in the first days of the protests. In response, Iranian authorities held large-scale demonstrations in support of the state system and the country’s regime.

Source: Ria

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